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רביעיית כרמל

Behind the scenes with the Carmel Quartet!

Join us as we let you into our rehearsal space. You will see just how a professional string quartet operates, makes decisions, overcomes conflicts and reaches a mutual artistic interpretation. In the process, sometimes you will be a fly on the wall observing from a distance, and at other times, an equal partner contributing to the discussion and end result.

The Carmel Quartet’s open rehearsals and workshops gives valuable insight on many issues dealt with in organisations and companies, small and large. The task of making music together in harmony involves expertise in very diverse areas in life.


What is the roll of inspiration and spontaneity within the structured practice of classical music?


The fine balance between leading and following. Who calls the shots and why?

Conflict Management

Creating together in harmony is easier said than done. How are conflicts solved in the world of sounds?

Group Dynamic

Making music together requires extremely advanced non verbal communication skills that musicians acquire through many years of training. What is the nature of the dynamics within the group?


Mandel School for Educational Leadership

Mandel School for Educational Leadership

Mandel School for Educational Leadership

"The event was very meaningful and productive.  We were extremely impressed by their high level of proficiency and appreciated the honesty

with which they opened up their private space to us".


Leading Teacher's Convention

"The rehearsal resonated with elements of our professional learning which we strive for - collaborative exploration, productive discussion based on a mutual language while balancing support and criticism. The parallels to subjects like leadership, dominance and plurality were fascinating".

The Mofet Institute

"The rehearsal gave valuable insight into the relationship between the learning process and practice. When learning occurs during  practice and not separated from it, it is more focused, relevant, involved and influential.

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