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The Digital Hall - Online Concerts!

Carmel Quartet is proud to present high quality online concerts with fascinating lectures!

"The quartet delivered an inspired and technically flawless performance. A perfect replacement to the live concert we miss so dearly"

Prof. Emeritus Jehoash Hirshberg,
Department of Musicology, Hebrew University


On the Threshold of Romanticism Online!

Presented by Prof. Yoel Greenberg


Beethoven String Quartet Op. 127

Schubert Quartettsatz D. 703

The 1820s saw two great composers break with the

classical tradition, each in his own way, paving the way

towards the romantic style.

קולאז' אורך.png
שורת לוגואים לאתר.png

La Contadina Online!

Comic Opera in Two Acts

Composed by the 18th-century composer Johann Hasse

*Collaboration with the Jerusalem Opera and Piccolo Festival

Yizhar Karshon Presentation & Harpsichord

Gabriele Ribis Baritone and Director

Niva Eshed Frenkel Soprano

Filippo Rotondo Actor

Disguise, deceit, delightful success and dismal failure, cunning rustics, gullible aristocrats and Turkish pirates - all these combine to produce a sharp social critique in Hasse's delightful comic opera, one of the mid-eighteenth century's greatest hits.

קולאז' טל סמנון ערוך.png

The Lark's Niggun Online!

Without spoken presentation

Tal Samnon Piano

Haydn String Quartet Op. 64 No. 5 Lark

Kompaneets String Quartet No. 1 Jewish Melodies

Dvořák Piano Quintet No. 2 Op. 81


Two perennial masterpieces enclose Kompaneets deeply spiritual quartet.

רביעיית כרמל

A Life in Music Online!

Presented by Prof. Yoel Greenberg


Smetana String Quartet No. 1 From My Life

Shostakovich String Quartet No. 8

The string quartet does not usually lend itself to program 

music, but when it does, it is often deeply personal and autobiographical, as in these two masterpieces.


Songs of Praise Online!

Presented by Prof. Yoel Greenberg

Beethoven String Quartet Op. 59 No. 2 Rasumovsky

Ives Scherzo for String Quartet

Haydn String Quartet Op. 76 No. 3 Emperor


When the most intimate of ensembles, the quartet,

plays the most extrovert of genres, national anthems,

there is always an interesting story to be told…

רביעיית כרמל

Mozart and Salieri

Carmel Quartet and Malenki Theatre actors join forces to perform Pushkin's play "Mozart and Salieri"!

A human story of envy, rage and admiration in the face of unimaginable genius.

The wonderful Italian pianist Pietro Bonfilio will join a quartet to perform musical interludes by Mozart and Salieri, among them the exciting lacrimosa from the Requiem.


קונצרט סונטת קרויצר רביעיית כרמל

Who wrote the Kreutzer Sonata? Online!

Presented by Prof. Yoel Greenberg



String Quartet in F Minor, Op. 95 Serioso



String Quartet no. 1 Kreutzer Sonata


Beethoven’s dramatic and powerful musical language influenced composers, writers and thinkers. In his famous novella The Kreutzer Sonata, named after Beethoven’s great work, Tolstoy gave expression to the powerful influences he found in the music. Leoš Janáček, one of Czechoslovakia’s greatest composers, responded in turn to Tolstoy’s literary masterpiece with his First String Quartet, which carries the title of the book.


The Human Comedy

Presented by Prof. Yoel Greenberg




String Quartet Op. 33 No. 2, The Joke



3 Pieces for String Quartet



2 Pieces for String Quartet


String Quartet in F Minor, Op. 95 Serioso (Finale)


What exactly is musical humor? Different composers have different answers! We shall play along with Haydn, visit Stravinsky’s circus, and discover how the tragic becomes comic with Beethoven and Shostakovich.

רביעיית כרמל

Family Portrait

Presented by Prof. Yoel Greenberg


Fanny Hensel Mendelssohn

String Quartet in E Flat Major


Felix Mendelssohn

String Quartet in F Major, Op. 80

In contrast to the way Felix Mendelssohn’s music was universally celebrated, the talent of his sister Fanny was suppressed throughout her life. Even today her works are seldom performed, despite their outstanding merit and despite her huge influence on Mendelssohn’s life and work. This concert will present a performance of Fanny Mendelssohn’s rarely-heard String Quartet together with a unique work by Felix in which he gives expression to his unbearable grief at her untimely death.

רביעיית כרמל

Discovering New Worlds
Presented by Prof. Yoel Greenberg

Dvorak String Quartet in F Major American

Dvorak's American quartet and America's musical story in the late 19th century in a multimedia concert.

רביעיית כרמל

Baroque Avante-Guarde


Yizhar Karshon Presentation and Cembalo

Ophira Zakai Theorbo


Marco Uccellini - Bergamasca for two violins andcontinuo

Dario Castello - Sonata No. 10 for two violins and continuo

Tarquinio Merula - Ciaccona

Antonio Vivaldi - La Folia 

C.P.E. Bach - Sanguines und Melancholicus

Johan Sebastian Bach - Concerto in D minor for Harpsichord BWV 1052

Presented by Yizhar Karshon, one of Israel’s most prominent baroque musicians, we will explore the virtuosity, emotional extremes and depth of the music written in that period, and perform some of the great masterpieces by Bach, Vivaldi, Castello, etc.

רביעיית כרמל
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