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קונצרטי בית

Chamber music, as its name implies, was meant to be played in intimate venues. Only much later did it evolve into large concert halls. Playing in small, informal settings, we return chamber music to its natural habitat, recreating the magical atmosphere of this wonderful genre.

We can offer a variety of concerts, both with, or without explanations. Following are a few programs for example. Please contact us for further details, and to coordinate the perfect concert for your home.

רביעיית כרמל

Haydn & Schumann

Presented by Dr. Yoel Greenberg

Haydn String Quartet Op. 76/2 Fifths
String Quartet Op. 41/1


Why does a particular musical style appear at a given time, and how are its aesthetics reflected in contemporary art and literature?

רביעיית כרמל

Haydn & Schubert

Presented by Dr. Yoel Greenberg

Haydn String Quartet Op. 50/3

Schubert String Quartet D 804 Rosamunde


Music, according to Stravinsky, can express naught but music. Yes, as Haydn and Schubert’s quartet show, music inevitably reflects social, practical, political and personal conditions.

רביעיית כרמל

Mozart & Mendelssohn

Guest Violist:

Shuli Waterman


Mozart String Quintet in E flat Major, K. 614

Mendelssohn String Quintet No. 2, Op. 87


Two Monumental String Quintets.

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